Your hockey season takes a break ...

Yet you would like the opportunity to continue playing your favorite sport.
The PSL Recreational Hockey league offers you the opportunity to play during holiday.


Summer ligue - How it Works
20 games of 1hour
10 to 14 players
1 goalie per team
Referees and scorekeepers will be provided for all games from MAHG to midget

A player evaluation will take place during the first game in order to assure balanced teams. Therefore, players will be placed in a temporary team and the assigned to a permanent team based on their abilities.

Summer Ligue - Cancelled this year
MAHG to Midget - 20 games (16.25$ per game)
Season : $ 325 (taxes included)
Referee and Scorekeepers

Consult our detailed schedule and register on line.

« As well as being a fantastic way to keep in shape, the league will help players develop their speed, power, mobility, agility and confidence while having fun. »