Powershooting skills
Sweep shots (forehand, backhand)
Wrist shots
Flip shots
Snap shots
Slap shots

Powershooting is an essential skill to the modern hockey player. In this powershooting introductory session, the hockey player will learned essential shooting skills. An absolute must for the modern hockey player.

Spring session
5 Hours: 225 $ (taxes included)

Dates : From May 13th to July 1st, 2017
(Alternating with the "Checking" lesson)
Combo - Powershooting and Checking
5 hours of Powershooting + 5 hours of Checking
Combine both for 400 $ (taxes included)
Powershooting and Checking Intensive Camp
5 days from August 14 to August 18 2017
Price: 475 $(taxes included)

Consult our detailed schedule and register in line.

Simon explaining some stickhanling technics

« Another great way to improve your skills and to get in shape for a new hockey season. »